Steijns Legal is specialized in real estate contracts, including notarial deeds. We van give advice and second opinions on all sort of  contracts and deeds, but we can also  draw the contracts for you and assist you with negotiatons and the legalisation of the contracts or deeds. We can also advice you on tax laws regarding to real estate and everything else that comes on your way when you're buying or owning real estate in our country.

We are familiar with all sort of contracts regarding to real estate and we can help you to find your way in the Dutch law industry.  In all cases we are advisor of our own client and we only take care of his interest.

Real estate agents take care of the interest of the seller (a buyer may have his own broker to advice him about commercial aspects). Usually the real estate agent of the seller makes a bill a sale. After that a  deed of transfer will be drawn up by a notary public, who also has to legalize this document. That a buyer has to pay the fee of the notary public doens't implicate that the notary public iis on his side: he has to take care of the interest of both parties. It's important for buyers to have a legal  advisor in this complete proces who will take care solely of their interest! 

Steijns Legal was established in 2013 by André Steijns. He worked 38 years for several law firms in the Netherlands including De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek and Simmons & Simmons.  André is specialized in complex real estate transactions and knows as no one else what the problems and interests are by these transactions.





We are able to handle the most complex real estate transactions for a very reasonalble fee.

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